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Sole Ltd TESİSİ volkan

2010-06-20 17:08:53
Geraskin, PE
Sole Ltd TESİSİ volkan

  For a long time, more than 60 years of Open Company "Zavod Vulkan" are the manufacturer of completing materials for a bottom of footwear, rubber technical items and crude rubber mixes for direct inflow on footwear. Since 2000 the enterprise introduces into production a line on manufacturing of figured elements мощения from rubber which have found the use at building of ice skating rinks, the open areas of supermarkets and so on.


  The enterprise is very known far outside of Ukraine. For the last years our enterprise accumulates the big technological and engineering operational experience in the given branch of production.

  High technical potential and availability of the experimentally-research centre has allowed to create at the enterprise diverse quality production of with allowance for constantly varying requests of the existing market.

  To the enterprise the international prizes "For Quality and Technology" were awarded. Since 1999 the new stage of history of the enterprise has begun it is work as a part of enterprise "Praveks", one of the largest commercial corporations of Ukraine.

  Our enterprise, Open Company "Zavod Vulkan", closely co-operates with the shoe enterprises, developing perspective styles of the formed soles under sketches and curves of customers. The enterprise has a plot on production of the pressed forms and allows to update range of manufactured production operatively.

  The warranty of constant stability and actual shipment, high quality of production, give the chance to the enterprise to expand the business ties with partners constantly.

  Partnership with our enterprise of Open Company "Zavod Vulkan" - the warranty in business of creation of easy, attractive and sound footwear.


Sole Ltd TESİSİ volkan

Open Company contacts "ZAVOD VULKAN"

Mailing address
Street Regeneratornaja, 4, Kiev, Ukraine, 02160
E-mail: vulkan@pravex-brok.com.ua

The director
Levchenko Feodor Mihajlovich

+38(044) 292-11-08, +38(044) 206-16-01 (fax)

The chief of a commercial department
+38(044) 206-16-81

Sales department
+38(044) 206-16-40, +38(044) 206-16-60 (fax)

Purchase department
+38(044) 206-16-71, +38(044) 559-20-11 (fax)

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